WE have many testimonials... The theme that runs through most all these testaments is that the BAUD is helpful; however, it is difficult to master/learn. While you could qualify to purchase a BAUD off this website, we strongly urge you engage a professional to help learn how to apply the BAUD.

Subject : RE- Web Request


Hello again,TF I was so surprised at what happened last night. I have to share my excitement and happiness. I used the BAUD at bedtime and retired at my usual time. In the night I had my normal bathroom break and easily returned to sleep. I awoke at 7AM and went to take my thyroid med and was surprised to find that I had not taken my seroquel and clonazepam before I went to sleep. That has never happened before. If I failed to take my med, I could not sleep. My mind would be so busy and in pain that I would realize that I forgot my med, and would have to get up and take my med. The next day, I would be extra tired and also still agitated. This morning I can feel a small amount of residual agitation, but underneath I feel a sense of calm and peace. This gives me great hope that I might be able to go off my meds totally. I know that I need to work at this gradually and will work with my psychiatrist. It makes me wonder about my bi-polar diagnosis. Was I overwhelmed with my accumulated baggage? There is another realization I have had. For about a year I have been doing mindfulness meditation. I have used Jon Kabat Zinn's mindfulness meditation CDs. I could obtain deep relaxation and could obtain some relief using them. But after so long, after so many repetitions of the same words, it became harder for me to use them effectively. Also, with all of the activity in my brain, I was not able to achieve a meditative state alone. I find that when I use the BAUD, I achieve the same deep meditative state that gives me the same sense of peace. Using the BAUD allows me to stay in the present as I keep my mind on the emotions of the particular problem I am working on in the forefront of my mind until it disolves on its own. The great advantage I have with the BAUD is that it is always a new fresh experience. It is so deeply personal. I am meditating on my own pain, keeping it in the present. Then I have the technology of the BAUD that erases the pain. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. About seven years into using lithium, it became toxic and I hit a real crisis. I cannot remember much about it, only what I am told. I became suicidal and was given ECT treatments. Depakote and clonazepam were introduced. They helped some, but not entirely. Later, seroquel was introduced along with the dapakote and clonazepam. It helped more than any medication but eventually I needed more and more to calm my mind. At first, 100 mg calmed my mind. But I eventually needed more and I had worked up to 600 mg. My psychiatrist retired and my new psychiatrist wanted to take down the dose and substitute the depakote with a different med. I worked down to 300 mg seroquel and worked off the depakote. The different new meds we tried did not work. I have been limping along but did not want to up the seroquel again and definitely not go back on depakote. However, I have been suffering. I have not wanted to try new meds as well because it always seems a bumpy road to deal with finding a right dosage and deal with side effects. I have tried so many meds along the way and felt discouraged about trying more. Then, wallah! The BAUD! I still have had bad days and some days I could not get the BAUD to cover the emotions I had running. But if I continued trying, each day was better. Even on the bad days, I could feel progress and felt hope. There were days that I was free of mental pain! It has been up and down, but the ups are more frequent and the underneath peace has been growing. After 36 years, can you think of what this means to me! Can you think what this means to my family! Can you think of what this means to me as I interact with my family! Can you think what this means to me as I interact with all around me! I cant thank Dr. Lawlis enough. I thank him form the bottom of my heart. Most sincerely, SM

Subject: BAUD/Bulimia/Incredible Success


Hello again,TF hope you remember me. I was the one looking for a psychologist to help me learn how to use my BAUD. ... I did leave my info on the voicemail at the center, but never got a call back. But what is so important is for me to convey to you what incredible results I've gotten in regard to my bulimia, and without a "white-knuckle" journey. I truly stopped after my first use of the BAUD, though have had 3 slips in 25 days. You may know that recovery from this eating disorder has an extremely low success rate, particularly for people who can't afford in-patient care. I have had very short periods of recovery before, usually after a surgery when it was impossible to binge. I have had this disorder for approximately 19 years. ...But...your Center must get this information out! I am a complete skeptic and was certainly not expecting such an amazing outcome (one day at a time). Without even consciously trying, my eating habits have also changed dramatically. I'm not sure if you can include my story in your literature as it is anecdotal, but you must do something! You can avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, but you can't avoid food, and it was a daily torture until now. Self-hatred is still a problem, but I am no longer a slave. Let me know what you think. If it can work for me, it most likely could work for many, many others. I stop short of calling it "miraculous", but it certainly feels that way.



BAUD WORKS! I no longer eat as a way to delay making decisions or doing something I don't like to do. This has cut down my between meals food consumption dramatically. Just in case you are interested, I got different headphones - and they helped a lot, sound is sharper and I found it a lot easier to find the disruptor point, and the place where sound resonates inside of me. The headphones I got are ATH-T22, dynamic stereo headphones, 32 ohms, 3.5mm stereo plug. They also block out outside noises almost completely. Using the BAUD does take work tho. It isn't as easy as you guys make it sound - but it's a hellva lot easier to acheive the goal this way.